TTT#13 Ten Characters I’d Name A Child/Dog/Cat/Car/Etc. After


Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I’ll try to participate every week in their list making frenzy =]


Welcome, a day late again. So yesterday I helped my boss set up a new shop. We had to paint the whole thing, as the last shop-owners painted is ugly salmon, red, light yellow and dark yellow. Yuk!! But now the whole thing is clean and nice white again!! But it left me feelings broke as shit hahaha… But I’ve got a fun TTT for you guys, even if it’s a day late =]


I have given my pets a lot of names after characters, even since I was little!!


When I was a little girl I had a budgerigar [seriously I wouldn’t have come up with the English name like ever….] and I called her Tweety.



I called my first cat Minoes =] Although she hasn’t lived with me for years she’s still alive, 17 years old!!


I kept two of her kittens, both male who looked alike. I called them Beauty and Beast. And I can tell you, they couldn’t have been named the other way around hahahaha. Sadly, beauty, at age 7, was the victim of a catnapper/killer and it left me devastated ='[ Beast I lost for a year [someone brought him to the shelter apparently], but we were reunited for a few months. He then found himself a final resting place at the age of 13.

A few years back I got twin kittens again. She was called Storm and he was called Thor. Sadly, he had a birth defect and I had to put him to rest after 3,5 months ='[ That was heartbreaking, it really was. Storm was a lovely cat, but when I moved in with my bf she wasn’t good with his cat and we had to give her away. She got a really nice home with an older couple which lost their cat a few days before they got Storm [she’s now called Lizzy…..] I got a few emails and pictures in the year after, which was very kind to do.


So the cat Storm couldn’t live with was Dexter, he’s a dominant male and yes a bit autistic, which means he’s an idiot, you can do anything with him, but is very sweet to us… And a bit psychic like the character hahahaha… [on my About page you can see a picture of him and the next one I’ll talk about] ==> So the next one is called Chuck and he’s a bit of a sissy hahah… He’s weird in getting a piece of meat or so. One time he wants it, another time he doesn’t like it, weird cat…. But he’s sooooooo darn cute!!!


To start on other names that came from characters. We want to have kids and name them after a few famous names =]


So my bf is in love with Sons of Anarchy and I think it’s a cool idea. If we ever have a son we want to name him after Jax Teller… Jaxon sounds cool right??

Phantom of the Opera is the first musical me and my bf saw together, November last year in London [with a Dutch actress playing Christine]. Les Misérables is also one of our favourites to see. We actually saw the DVD last Sunday again =]

So I’d love to call my daughter Christine Maria Fantine… He doesn’t know about my idea to add Fantine yet hahahaha… And Maria is the family tradition from my mother’s side. My second name is Maria too =]



So how did your TTT go this week??


In case you’ve missed these:

XoXo Felicia.

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