Sunday Post #12. October 23

Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme originally from Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things I have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on my blog.


This was a busy week again… My boss is setting up a new place here in town, which is amazing. It’s like a 5 min walk from my house instead of a 35 min drive if all traffic works with me =] So on Monday I had to work.

On Tuesday we painted the whole shop white [it was dark and light yellow with salmon and red, yuk!!] Was a fun day!! Great thing to have worked on something you can say later on about that you’ve done this and you work there!!

Wednesday was all about a visit to the dentist, I don’t mind, eating McDonald’s with a numb mouth [funny as hell!!] and going to school after that [still with half my mouth being numb lol!!]. While eating a wept my left side after each bite, because I couldn’t feel if there was sauce on it. Would have been pretty embarrassing if there was hahahaha xD

Thursday was a day with my mom coming over!! Was a happy and fun day. Did a little shopping here in town and I got my first bath bomb, a new lovely sweater and some white tea chamomile scent sticks =] That night I finally went to Taekwondo again. Heavy night, heavy stretching. Try stretching with another person on your back pushing you bits and bits further down… It still hurts my hamstrings hahahaha, worked on some techniques again and on the stamina for a very tiring bit lol. Think about kicking up once left, once right. Then twice and so on to ten each leg. Aaaaand going back down to 1 kick a leg. Switch turns with your sparring partner and after that do it all over again but with sideways kicks…. That’s tough, I can tell hahahaha.

Friday was a working day again, a migraine started which sucked balls. [left my Advil at home, stupid, stupid, stupid!!] At home I took an Advil, tried eating some more freshly made soup and watched Once Upon a Time. After an hour or so, it finally went down and I could watch with my eyes more open….

Saturday was a lazy day… I was so damn tired… My bf had a night shift again and I could get into a hot bath and some reading again.

Finally, today was also a lazy day. Watched the final episodes of Once Upon a Time. Which left me in a what-to-do-now-with-my-life-mood hahahaha…. Watched Feyenoord play against 020 [nope, not gonna say their name, yuk!!], we played 1-1, which is not really the worst case scenario against them. But we’ve had so many chances and such stupid misses there, damn it could have been 5-1, but hey we’re still number 1 in the competition and they haven’t come any closer because of the 1-1…. At night we had a lovely Chinese Dinner [with plenty leftovers for tomorrow!!] and watched Formula 1. Damn it, Max his car broke down in lap 31 of 56 =[ He just had a new engine installed =o But luckily Hamilton won and not Rosberg hahahah!!!

So now off to bed, read some more in A Mortal Song and prepare for an even busier week to come =] [With my first day working in my town next Saturday =] yay =] and a team night with dinner drinks and birthday gifts. [yeah, my bosses were born on Oct 29 and 30,  my colleague at November 3 and my birthday is on November 30!! So we pack it all in one [other colleague was born in May lol]]]

May your week be amazing!! xoxo


This weeks posts:


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  • #72 The Gender Game.
  • TTT#14 Halloween Freebie.
  • #73 The Lost Knight. [XpressoBooks]
  • Most Anticipated Releases November 2016.
  • Tv Thursday #3. Week 43
  • #74 Inferno.
  • Sunday Post #13. October 30


Finished Inferno, which was an absolute blast again written by the marvelous author Dan Brown!! I was really surprised with that ending, damn!! Can’t wait to see the movie =]

Started A Mortal Song by Megan Crewe this week, hopefully I’ll finish it tonight or tomorrow. Will start Lockdown [AM13 #1] by Samie Sands next. Really want to get into my owned books again too ='[ I miss them, feel like I’m mostly reading arcs nowadays. Which is all to blame on my enthusiasm on NetGalley, whoops!! Will fulfill my duties though!!

Goodreads Reading Challenge Update: 85/100 books read =]


This week I could watch a lot. During homework [learing to be a hairdresser is good for watching series] and during dinner and on nights after work, while my bf was doing night shifts. This left me watching almost the complete 5th season of Once Upon a Time hahahaha.It did mean, less reading. But hey, we all have these kind of weeks.

Because I love these series:

  • Monday Oct 17, Once Upon a Time S5E6: The Bear and the Bow
  • Monday Oct 17, Once Upon a Tome S5E7: Nimue
  • Monday Oct 17, Once Upon a Tome S5E8: Birth
  • Monday Oct 17, Once Upon a Time S5E9: The Bear King
  • Tuesday Oct 18, Once Upon a Time S5E10: Broken Heart
  • Tuesday Oct 18, Once Upon a Time S5E11: Swan Song
  • Wednesday Oct 19, Once Upon a Time S5E12: Souls of the Departed
  • Friday Oct 21, Once Upon a Time S5E13: Labor of Love
  • Friday Oct 21, Once Upon a Time S5E14: Devil’s Due
  • Friday Oct 21, Once Upon a Time S5E15: The Brothers Jones
  • Friday Oct 21, Once Upon a Time S5E16: Our Decay
  • Friday Oct 21, Once Upon a Time S5E16: Her Handsome Hero
  • Sarurday Oct 22, Once Upon a Time S5E17: Ruby’s Slippers
  • Saturday Oct 22, Once Upon a Time S5E18: Sisters
  • Sunday Oct 23, Once Upon a Time S5E20: Firebird
  • Sunday Oct 23, Once Upon a Time S5S21: Last Rites
  • Sunday Oct 23, Once Upon a Time S5S22: Only You
  • Sunday Oct 23, Once Upon a Time S5E23: An Untold Story






In case you’ve missed these:

XoXo Felicia.

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