Privacy Policy and disclaimer.

Everything written on this blog is written by me, Felicia Maria Janssen, otherwise the source is named with the text.

Usage of other formats, ideas and such I do not hold any rights over and will name the source. Like memes as TopTenTuesday [The Broke & Bookish] and Sunday Post [Caffienated Book Reviewer].

All quotes I use are from the books themselves and the authors and publishers hold every right over it.

Visual usage, such like GIFs, pictures of books are used from public sites like Goodreads, or Google. I do not hold any rights on those used visuals.

Visual usage of other sources, like artists on DeviantArt, are always linked back too. I do not hold any rights over these viasuals.

All graphic designs I use are made by me and all photographs I use are my own. I hold all rights over these visuals.


Written by: Felicia Maria Janssen

December 13, 2016

XoXo Felicia.

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