Book haul <3 <3 <3 <3

I’m so hyped up right now. I can officially call myself Hairstylist I since Wednesday =] Woohoo, I’m so happy I graduated this course, next September I will start Hairstylist II [will be missing the first lesson as I’ll be in Orlando till the weekend after lol]. But I got an awesome graduation present from my mom!! ❤ ❤ thank you mom!! [and got myself some extra’s lol] But I’m in panic, I got 1 good bookcase and way too many books.. I will post a few photos of my current display in my only bookcase after the haul photos. It is a beautiful bookcase IMO, but I had to move over 20 books upstairs to fit 10 new ones, whoop!! And had to move to shelves in height hahaha… Bookissues!!

I already showed 2 new books in my Sunday Post #40. May 7, but now I got them all and want to share them all with you!!

So the one you already knew about is A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas. I got the Celebrate Books Sarah J. Maas special box UK edition [there was a dutch book box too] I took pictures of everything in it:

So this was the first happy thing, I got it on release dat, but since I was waiting for my new laptop I haven’t done much blogging lately [talking about over a month or so].

On to the next, I got the second book in May as well, but now I’ve got them both and the first book, THANK YOU AMAZON UK, literally made me do a happy dance


So let me explain the happy dance [the photos speak for themselves though lol]. I was overly excited to have gotten a first edition of Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor, which was published in OCtober 2016. That was already a nice surprise by, but Amazon UK is the true winner hre. MAgnus Chase and the Sword of Summer was published in October 2015. I ordered it in July 2017, not only did I get a first edition, but it was FREAKING HAND SIGNED!!!! Now let’s swoon over these beauties in my photos ❤


But wait, we’re not even close to the end of my haul hehe =]


Last year I bought myself the hardcover of A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir. Amazon UK was less kind to me, I thought then, I got the Harper Voyage edition.. If you’re like me and want to collect these beauties and have a tinesy bit of OCD, you’ll want them in the same editions… What was my problem back then…. Well, An Ember in the Ashes printed in hardcover by Harper Voyage was a very limited edition and nowhere to be found [okay, if you wanted to pay over 400 for it [GBP, USD or EURO] you could get it]… but since I don’t have that kind of money to buy a single book… So I serched and searched and found it for 17 Euro at Amazon Germany, so I ordered 3 of them, just to be sure and make some friends happy…. Ordered on December 22, 2016… Would be delivired at the end of January 2017… Got an email saying they didn’t have it will be arriving between the end of March and the fifth of July -_-‘… Now July the 5th came and another email was in my inbox… please have patience or select on of these other edition… I was like waiting since December and did not want another edition… Luckily, I found thet the editions on Ebay weren’t over 400 whatever currency you want it in, but 17 Euro [okay, 21 with shipping] and I cancelled Amazon DE and ordered from Ebay.. Now my lovelies are pretty in my bookcase and I can finally re-read AEITA and start ATATN =] [I knew AEITA wasn’t new, but it’s really good considering it’s age and travels, but hey, I got the ‘zero’ edition!!!!!!]


I got another tiny buy in this haul. Still collecting the series, not even close to getting it complete. But at the end of the year, after my birthday and getting my tips from work [I’m getting them in one go at the end of the year] I want to order all missing books in hardcover signed from P.C Cast and Kristin Cast themselves. I’m talking about House of Night, The Escaped, House of Night Other World and Tales of a New World. Already ordered some signed a few years back and the price ain’t that much different from the hardcovers from So I’ll get them signed hahaha…But I did buy one of the novella’s with my order because it was really cheap when I ordered at Amazon UK. I already got Dragon’s Oath, signed, but have ordered Kalona’s Fall right now. It’s not signed, but a first edition. Hopefully I’ll meet those amazing women someday and get the unsigned ones signed =]



So let’s continue to the most amazing part of this haul – okay Magnus Chase and AEITA were pretty amazing too.

giphy (1)

But my mom got me all 20th aniversary editions of Harry Potter and the Philisopher’s Stone ❤ She got me the set as graduation gift and to add to my collection. I did hope to get first editions, but all are second [damn you hahahahaha]. So go swoon over these lovelies in the next photos:




And finally I want to show you my updated [single] book case – hopefully will get more cases soon – I had to move a lot of books upstairs to fit these beauties, but my book case is pretty amazing now ❤ [oh yes, I changed AEITA and ATATN, found them in the wrong order after this picture lol]



It is a nice book case huh? I love it and it stands proudly in my living room.. Do need to get some glass doors so my cats won’t try to get in and to keep most of the dust out =]


This was my spectacular book haul, hopefully more like these will arrive at my door ❤


In case you’ve missed these:

XoXo Felicia.

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