Moon Chosen [Tales of a New World #1]. [NetGalley]

I received this book through NetGalley as a granted wish by the publisher St. Martin’s Press. I also got it in exchange for an honest review. I’m thanking NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for granting me the wish and providing me with the copy of this book.


#1 New York Times bestselling author, P.C. Cast, brings us a new epic fantasy set in a world where humans, their animal allies, and the earth itself has been drastically changed. A world filled with beauty and danger and cruelty…

Mari is an Earth Walker, heir to the unique healing powers of her Clan; but she has cast her duties aside, until she is chosen by a special animal ally, altering her destiny forever. When a deadly attack tears her world apart, Mari reveals the strength of her powers and the forbidden secret of her dual nature as she embarks on a mission to save her people. It is not until Nik, the son of the leader from a rival, dominating clan strays across her path, that Mari experiences something she has never felt before…

Now, darkness is coming, and with it, a force, more terrible and destructive than the world has ever seen, leaving Mari to cast the shadows from the earth. By forming a tumultuous alliance with Nik, she must make herself ready. Ready to save her people. Ready to save herself and Nik. Ready to embrace her true destiny…and obliterate the forces that threaten to destroy them all. Goodreads.


P.C. Cast - Moon Chosen 1About the book:

Author: P.C. Cast

Book length: 608 pages

Published: October 18, 2016

Series: Tales of a New World #1

Genre: YA, Fiction, Fantasy, Canines

Rating:  ink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipart5 out of 5 quills

Started reading:    September 5

Finished reading: October 9

“”I don’t think Earth Walkers are less than human. Not anymore – not after meeting you and Sora.” “Oh, so now you like Sora?” Mari unsuccessfully tried to keep a smile from tilting her lips up. “Bloody beetle balls no! I don’t like Sora. But I also don’t think she’s less than human. I think she could take on many Warriors of the Tribe and probably defeat them.”

“She’s actually not a very good fighter. She doesn’t believe in physical exertion.”

“She could definitely nag them to death,” Nik Said.

What did I think about the book?

This book is absolutely amazing, I’m so in love with it!! I’m like can I re-read this right now, please? Nope, your TBR is too big haha..

I must confess, when I started this book I was really confused at first. But like all beginnings of a new series, it takes a while for the reader to explore the new world. [lol, the series is called Tales of a New World hihi] Especially with this series. It’s set in a world like ours, but far into the future where nature has won the battle with civillization. So, no the world is not completely fantasy, nor is it a true dystopia. It’s a new world, far beyond the world we know today. Thus I think the world building was absolutely fantastic. I already loved her [and Kristin’s] House of Night series, where the world building was very good too. But that was in Tulsa, like we know it. Setting a story in a world far into the future is much more difficult, especially when so many people have their own versions and thought about how the future will be.

To top off how difficult it must be to imagine a world in the future, P.C. also had to think of how life is in the future. I admire her ideas of different tribes. People have evolved with how they live in this new world. The Earth Walkers [or Scratchers if you’re a mean person], the Tribe of the Trees/Companions and the people in the city or Skin Stealers. They are all unique in their own way of living. And not only did she give them a history, current situation and traditions, she also let them evolve in this first book. Which is amazing, because people evolve everyday. And everyone has taboos and prejudices about everyone who’s not like them. But we see the growth in the characters in the book as they learn about who the others really are. P.C. put a valuable life lesson in this book. She shows us there’s more than meets the eye.

Our main characters are art in themselves. All so divers and unique in their own way. We see characters that truly live up to the prejudices and people fighting to show their inner self. Mari, Rigel, Sora, Nik and Sol really grew on me big time.

Mari is truly a unique woman, facing loss, love and hard struggles, but realistic and optimistic whenever she can.

Sora is a pain in the ass, but like she does to Mari, she really grows on you and grows a lot as a character herself.

Nik is our new favourite BBF [BookBoyFriend] and takes a special place inside your heart from the moment you meet him. Like Mari, he faced a lot of difficult times, but is really persistent and so never gives up on hope, Rigel and love.

Sol is Nik’s Father, but a very important side character in this story. I love his compassion and understanding. He’s so human and carries a lot of guilt, but also a lot of love and pride for his son.

Rigel is our main furry character here. I imagine him being the model for the cover of this beautiful book!! If you never liked dogs, you’ll love them after reading this!! He makes me miss my old Shepard ='[



There are a few other characters which I believe will get a bigger part in this story in the coming books. I’m talking about Dead Eyes, the champion of the Skin Stealers, and The Oracle. But in this book I didn’t like the Skin Stealers. Don’t get me wrong their part in this book was really good, but I don’t like them as characters. I’m hoping Dead Eye and The Oracle will change the Skin Stealers for the better. Because I believe you’ll get their title and why I don’t like them very much. Bad people, bad people!! It’s true they also have a hard time living, no future is without diseases, but like their name says, they think stealing skins is a cure… Bad people!!


The story building and plot was very good!! It took my breath away on multiple occasions. Sometimes when good things happened, other times when bad things happened. But like I said in the first few sentences of this review, I think it’s such a good story, I want to hold the real hardcover in my hands and re-read it like this very second!! [I got my copy as a PDF, so my Kobo couldn’t handle it and my Kindle app distorted the pictures. Which meant I could see the beautiful drawings, but spread on like four pages….]


I truly recommend it to all of you. It has fantasy elements in it, it’s exciting to read and will take your emotions on a good rollercoaster ride. Like I said before, it shows us valuable life lessons too =]

I thank you P.C. Cast for writing this beautiful and amazing story and I can’t wait for the next book to be finished.



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XoXo Felicia.

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