#Make-Me-Read It Read-A-Thon Wrap-up

Hello, hello [a tad late]!! [I wish I had emoji's here!!] So the read-a-thon is over... How did I do? Okay, pretty bad actually...I blame Pokémon Go hahahahahahaa.... walked over 60km in like 6 days!! [Yes, I'm proud of me =] It hurt like hell though] So I read 1 book, I did finish it... Continue Reading →

June Book Wrap Up + July TBR.

Hello, hello and welcome in July. The month it's supposed to be hot and sunny. Reality is 18 degrees Celsius and raining all week =[ This month was a difficult one for me. I had a reading slump, busy days, family issues [grandma in the hospital, she's fine again, no worries] and I currently have... Continue Reading →

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