Origin Story.

Once Upon a Time…. is a series I like. Just kidding, let me tell you about me. [I do like the series though]


June 23, 2016:

1992 is the fabulous year I was born. On an early monday morning, November 30 to be exact. Yes, I was born on monday morning, lol.[whoop another cheering lol guy]

Started reading when I was 5 or 6 years old I think… Got hooked on Harry Potter when I was 7, maybe just 8 years old. Thanks to my grandma, I’ll always love you and never forget you!! Since then I’ve never stopped reading I think. Okay, I’ve not been reading every minute since then of course, ha ha..

So now I’m not only a reader, but a Snapper, Tweeter, Bookstagrammer, Blogger, photographer, gamer, all-round idiot, fit girl to be and soon to be blond.

So as you can see, I’m a starting blogger. I’ll try to post daily reviews of the books I’ve already read.New reviews will of course be posted as well. So I’m not yet there to be posting all kinds of crazy stuff, but I’ll get there.

Note: If you have any good ideas for me to write a post about, let me know ;]

I love to see other blogs too, I’m in love with Instagram and just discovered Snapchat. I’m having hell of a lot of fun with that hehe!!


So yeah, that’s me!! Still a brunette, until Saturday whoop whoop, me likey going blonde again!! Okay, now it won’t be plain blond, but I want Icy Platinum =]

Oh btw, next to loving my books. I’m in love with the guy I own a house with and our two crazy, idiotic, but oh so sweet cats: Dexter and Chuck, Yes, they’re named after the shows. And yes, Dexter can be a psycho, socially awkward and murderous cat, but I love him anyway. Chuck is indeed a bit of a too sweet sissy boy hihi. But he’s so damn sweet, and when he does something he’s not supposed to, and he does know that!!, he starts whining like he’s saying ‘Mommy, I’m being a bad boy! Whoohoo, over here, punish me!!’ or ‘Stop yelling, I know I’m being bad… I know…. I know…. Okay, I’ll go and sit in a tiny corner and think over my sins!!’ hahaha

If you want to know more about Dexter and Chuck, see my Instagram @felicias.ink


Feel free to ask me anything, comment on my reviews, and share my blog with the world. I’ll be grateful!!




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