March, April, and May Wrap-Up.

Damn, I’ve really spent too little time on my blogs these past few months =o.. Of course, my job has a lot to do with that. The restaurant business is getting busier every day, especially with us in a tourist area. On some days I work shifts of 11 hours or more, these days will only get longer with the weather improving and the summer holidays approaching. Luckily, I’ve got my ‘short’ days too, 6-hour shifts hahaha… I do really love this job!! The only downside is that it sucks away my reading and blogging time.. The last four weeks or so it has been so bad I can’t enjoy reading in the tub or bed anymore… I fall asleep after 15 minutes, no the best place to do in a tub ^^’ I was shocked to see that my last wrap-up was from February =o.. Also the TBR I made for May has failed tremendously.. Normally, when I plan 11 books for a month, I manage to read 8 or 9.. Now I managed to read 5 =/.. It took me 17 days to RE-read Glass Sword… And King’s Cage is taking more than 2 weeks too, right now ='[.. Just because I keep falling asleep so fast while reading =[ I hope it will improve fast!! Even Goodreads is telling me that I’m currently behind schedule, and with 4 books!! =o It’s the first time I’ve fallen behind this year =/

So back to the subject of this post: My Wrap-up for March, April, and May. I will break it down for you in separate months ;]


What have I read in March?



I read Rachel E. Carter’s Last Stand. It’s the final book in The Black Mage series. It’s such a superawesome series!! I was bummed that it was the final book in this emotional and badass series ='[ I can say this series is one of my favourites now. And Rachel is such a sweetheart!!

Started:    February 27

Finished: March 2

Rating: 5 quills




This month was a month for reading new authors. I really wanted to read something from Alex for so long. Now I finally did that, twice. The first book I read that was written by Alexandra Bracken was Passenger. It’s the first book in the Passenger series. It’s not her first series, but the first series I started reading that was written by her.

Started:    March 3

Finished: March 7

Rating: 45-quill


Rebecca Hamilton - Something Like Voodoo

Something Like Voodoo by Rebecca Hamilton was also a new author, new read for me. I’ve been following Rebecca for a while now and this was my first read of her works. I really liked the book and found it as intriguing as before I had read this book. The word voodoo pulls me in like a mosquito to a light bulb haha. She’s also the host of many, many, many giveaways I enter in.

Started:    March 7

Finished: March 11

Rating: 5 quills



Alexandra Bracken’s Wayfarer is the second installment in the Passenger series. After reading Passenger I couldn’t wait long before starting this beauty!! The series only kept getting betting throughout the second book. It’s a form of art to make the sequel better than the first book.

Started:    March 12

Finished: March 20

Rating: 5 quills


Farah Cook - City of Skies

City of Skies by Farah Cook is the first book in The Viking Assassin Series [or before: The Shadowislands Saga]. I love how the Nordic mythology is making a name for itself in the world of books. This book is really bad ass!! Book 2 is soon to be released =] City of Vikings, expected publication in July!!

Started:    March 21

Finished: March 23

Rating: 5 quills



Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. A hyped book, a book outside of my comfort zone, a book hitting the big screen. A book I love!!

Started:    March 24

Finished: March 27

Rating: 5 quills



What have I read in April?


alwyn-hamilton-rebel-of-the-sandsThis month, too, was a month to explore new works and new authors. I had heard a lot about Alwyn Hamilton, so it was time to start reading Rebel of the Sands. It’s the first book in the series bearing the same name. What an amazing series this is, even after only having read the first book. So for me this was: Go, Go, Gadget bring me Traitor to the Throne xD You can read my review here.

Started:    March 29

Finished: April 2

Rating: 5 quills


alwyn-hamilton-traitor-to-the-throneTraitor to the Throne is the second book in the Rebel of the Sands series written by Alwyn Hamilton. I immediately started reading this book after having finished reading Rebel of the Sands. I just couldn’t wait!! It did take me longer to finish this book. Sometimes life stands in the way and you gotta go to work. How else will you have money to buy new books? ;]

Started:    April 2

Finished: April 8

Rating: 5 quills


Olivia Wildenstein - The MasterpiecersI read The Masterpiecers [Masterful #1] from Olivia Wildenstein for Rachel E. Carter’s Book Club as part of the Read & Review program she has. I didn’t know what to expect beforehand. But it really did not disappoint!! Think Orange is the New Black meets a game show for artists [no music, but art like in paintings].. You can read my review here.

Started:    April 9

Finished: April 11

Rating: 4-quill


K.N. Lee - NetherworldK.N. Lee is another new author for me. Netherworld is the first book I’ve read written by her and the first book in The Chronicles of Koa series. The blurb about vampires, angels, worlds and saving humanity grabbed my attention in an instant. And it lived up to my expectations. A fast-paced, action-packed story full of fantasy creatures I love to read about!! The series is currently undergoing a graphic transformation. So new covers to come. But I do really like this one too!!

Started:    April 12

Finished: April 13

Rating: 5 quills



Bella Forrest’s The Gender War is the fourth book in The Gender Game series. I really like this series. But I must say, read this series at once. Because it does happen one book ends half-way a conversation and the next book continues the conversation in the first pages of the book. This series is actually one big story, cut into ‘little’ pieces.

Started:    April 14

Finished: April 19

Rating: 5 quills


K.N. Lee - Dark Prophet

Dark Prophet is the second book in The Chronicles of Koa, the sequel to Netherworld. Another book full of adventures with Koa and her friends and enemies. The story gets more action and more feels!! Can’t wait for book 3 Lyrinian Blade [or after the transformation Blood Princess] =] So K.N. Lee hurry!!

Started:    April 19

Finished: April 22

Rating: 5 quills


K.J. McPike - XODUS

Just like with Rachel E. Carter, Rebecca Hamilton and K.N. Lee, I got K.J. McPike’s book in exchange for a review or from Instafreebie or the author herself. XODUS is the first book in the Astralis series by K.J. McPike. It’s something new, as I don’t read a lot about Astral Projection… But it’s really awesome how K.J. wrote this cool book on the topic. And it’s a series, so I can’t wait to read the sequel Tenuous, which was published on May 30, 2017.

Started:    April 23

Finished: April 27

Rating: 5 quills



Extinct by Samie Sands is the third installment in the AM13 Outbreak series. This series is special for me. Not only is it bad-ass and infectiously good [hehe zombie puns]. But I’m going to be a character in this series!! I’m being introduced in the fourth book and later on given more pages =] This is so cool to say: I’m going to be featured in a book!! In a book where I’ll be killing zombies [hell yeah]..

Started:    April 28

Finished: April 29

Rating: 5 quills



What have I read in May?


Victoria Aveyard - Queen SongSo time for the re-reading months with new releases ;] First up was Victoria Aveyard’s Queen song, the first novella in the Red Queen series. I must say since I’ve re-read them now after having read Red Queen and Glass Sword I get things better now. The first time I read the novellas before starting Red Queen. Some parts are so much clearer now than last year. You can reead my review here.

Started:    April 30

Finished: May 2

Rating: 5 quills


Victoria Aveyard - Steel ScarsVictoria Aveyard’s Steel Scars, the second novella in the Red Queen series. Of course I read this after finishing Queen Song and before starting Red Queen. Just like last year it’s still really good and clarifying. And just like with Queen Song now I see the connections more clearly than last year and I get more of the story. You can read my review here.

Started:    May 2

Finished: May 3

Rating: 5 quills


Victoria Aveyard - Red QueenSo we’ve come to the real novels written by Victoria Aveyard. First full novel I’ve read this month by Victoria is Red Queen the first book in the Red Queen series. As always I love this series!! My reason to re-read this series is to get all of the story in my head and heart before reading King’s Cage for the first time. You can read my review here.

Started:    May 4

Finished: May 7

Rating: 5 quills


renee-ahdieh-flame-in-the-mistI was so happy when I got the email from NetGalley that said I got approved to read Flame in the Mist by Renée Ahdieh a month before publication =] It’s such a great read!! You can read my review here. It’s the first book in the Flame in the Mist series. Luckily I can help myself to The Wrath & the Dawn series before the sequel is published.

Started:    May 8

Finished: May 13

Rating: 5 quills


Victoria Aveyard - Glass SwordSo my last finished book these three months was Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. The second book in this four-book series. This was my last re-read before starting King’s Cage. Sadly, it took me 17 days to finish my re-read. I’ve been working so much lately and it will only get more with the summer and the tourists… You can read my review of my first read here.

Started:    May 8

Finished: May 25

Rating: 5 quills



In case you’ve missed these:

XoXo Felicia.

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