Sunday Post #38 & #39. April 23 & 30

Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme originally from Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things I have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on my blog.


So this past two weeks have been crazy with work, work and more work. Worked 9 days, no big deal there. But because of the weather 3 days were cancelled. So it would have been 12 days. From which I did work a night on the King’s Night festival and the next day at noon I was fresh again in the ice cream salon =] I was so happy that these last two days were a lot better weather-wise. On most days I wore a tank top, long sleeve shirt, my work polo, a soft shell jacket and a work jumper. And guess what, I was still shaking from the cold.. I so hope that the weather is going to get better in the coming time. I’m done with the cold and the coughing that comes with it.

I will do my perm on my model from a week and a half ago again next Wednesday. It didn’t take, sadly. But we’re going to try it again with stronger perm liquid =] Let’s make this work!!

But for all things, a new month is starting, so let’s rock it!!


This weeks posts:

Coming next week:

  • The Masterpiecers [Masterful #1].
  • April Wrap-Up.
  • May TBR.
  • Sunday Post #40. May 7


So I finished reading The Gender War by Bella Forrest. I’m really excited to read The Gender Fall, but have some other books I MUST read first hahahahaha. After that I read the second book in The Chronicles of Koa by K.N. Lee, it’s called Dark Prophet. I can’t wait for Lyrinian Blade to be published really soon =] I also read XODUS by K.J. McPike, it’s the first book in the Astralis series. It’s a really cool story!! Last book I finished in the last two weeks is Extinct, the third book in the AM13 Outbreak series by Samie Sands. Again, can’t wait for the next book, in this case to be published. Fun and awesome fact: I’m gonna be a character in the series!! That’s so superdupercool =D

So I’m currently reading Flame in the Mist by Renée Ahdieh [I GOT IT EARLY THROUGH NETGALLEY WOOHOO] and re-reading the Red Queen series =], currently reading Queen Song, but will probably finish this tonight haha.. and continue on with Steel Scars and Red Queen. Want to know why I’m re-reading it? Go check my Haul ;]

Goodreads Reading Challenge 2017 update: 33/100

The Backlist Reader Challenge 2017 update: 15/50


Sadly no more Beckett and Castle for me ='[ I didn’t want it too end, I’m gonna miss them a lot. It truly is one of my favourite series.. Goodbye for now, will watch it again in the future. I do that with my favourites.. Like Buffy and Charmed =]

Because I love these series:

  • Monday Apr 17, Castle S7E7: Once Upon a Time in the West
  • Monday Apr 17, Castle S7E8: Kill Switch
  • Monday Apr 17, Castle S7E9: Last Action Hero
  • Monday Apr 17, Castle S7E10: Bad Santa
  • Monday Apr 17, Castle S7E11: Castle, P.I.
  • Tuesday Apr 18, Castle S7E12: Private Eye Caramba!
  • Tuesday Apr 18, Castle S7E13: I, Witness
  • Tuesday Apr 18, Castle S7E14: Resurrection [1]
  • Tuesday Apr 18, Castle S7E15: Reckoning [2]
  • Tuesday Apr 18, Castle S7E16: The Wrong Stuff
  • Tuesday Apr 18, Castle S7E17: Hong Kong Hustle
  • Wednesday Apr 19, Castle S7E18: zat Close Range
  • Wednesday Apr 19, Castle S7E19: Habeas Corspe
  • Thursday Apr 20, Castle S7E20: Sleeper
  • Thursday Apr 20, Castle S7E21: In Plane Sight
  • Friday Apr 21, Castle S7E22: Dead From New York
  • Friday Apr 21, Castle S7E23: Hollander’s Woods
  • Friday Apr 21, Castle S8E1: XY (1)
  • Friday Apr 21, Castle S8E2: XX (2)
  • Saturday Apr 22, Castle S8E3: PhDead
  • Saturday Apr 22, Castle S8E4: What Lies Beneath
  • Saturday Apr 22, Castle S8E5: The Nose
  • Saturday Apr 22, Castle S8E6: Cool Boys
  • Saturday Apr 22, Castle S8E7: The Last Seduction
  • Saturday Apr 22, Castle S8E8: Mr. & Mrs. Castle
  • Sunday Apr 23, Castle S8E9: Tone Death
  • Monday Apr 24, Castle S8E10: Witness for the Prosecution
  • Monday Apr 24, Castle S8E11: Dead Red
  • Monday Apr 24, Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E17: Boyle-Linetti Wedding
  • Tuesday Apr 25, Castle S8E12: The Blame Game
  • Tuesday Apr 25, Castle S8E13: And Justice for All
  • Tuesday Apr 25, Castle S8E14: The G.D.S.
  • Tuesday Apr 25, Castle S8E15: Fidelis Ad Mortem
  • Wednesday Apr 26, Castle S8E16: Heartbreaker
  • Thursday Apr 27, Castle S8E17: Death Wish
  • Thursday Apr 27, Castle S8E18: Backstabber
  • Friday Apr 28, Castle S8E19: Dead Again
  • Friday Apr 28, Castle S8E20: Much Ado About Murder
  • Saturday Apr 29, Castle S8E21: Hell to Pay
  • Saturday Apr 29, Castle S8E22: Crossfire
  • Sunday Apr 30, Gotham S2E13: A Dead Man Feels No Good

While writing:

  • Sunday Apr 30, CSI S3E2: The Accused is Entitled
  • Sunday Apr 30, CSI S3E3: Let the Seller Beware
  • Sunday Apr 30, CSI S3E4: A Little Murder
  • Sunday Apr 30, CSI S3E5: Abra Cadaver


With my boyfriend:

  • Saturday Apr 29, Last Man Standing S2E6: Circle of Life



I FINALLY GOT IT WOOHOO. I GOT KING’S CAGE BY VICTORIA AVEYARD. THE BEAUTIFUL HARDCOVER IS SO PRETTY NEXT TO MY SIGNED EDITION OF GLASS SWORD. I was really bummed I couldn’t buy it in February, I so wanted to get a first edition. But I was lucky and I did receive a first edition!!!!!!!! Now all I have to do is find myself a first edition hardcover of Red Queen from Harper Teen. I really want to get the whole series in first edition =] =]


And to top everything off, I will receive two more books next week =] yay me!! My first haul since the release day of Carve the Mark – okay, besides the Divergent Exclusive Booklet I got with the pre-order terms from the publisher ;]

One of the two books coming next week is easy to guess. Let me know which book you think I’ll be getting in 2 days!!

In case you’ve missed these:

XoXo Felicia.

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