Sunday Post #37. April 16

Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme originally from Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things I have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on my blog.


So this past week has been crazy. Worked my ass off and with the Easter Holidays my week was crazy. Haven’t seen my boyfriend a lot this week. To break our week down..

Monday: my bf had the day off, but was mostly asleep because he was so tired from last week. I had appointments all day.

Tuesday: He left at 6am and returned from work at 4.40pm. I left for work at 4.45 pm and returned at 10.15pm. He slept early because of his work the coming days.

Wednesday: He left for work at 4.45am and returned at 3pm. Saw him for 5 minutes before he went to sleep like he always does after these early shifts. I left for school at 5.40pm and returned at 11.20pm. He was already asleep.

Thursday: He left at 3.45am for an extra early shift and returned at 2.30pm. And went to sleep again for a few hours. I left for work at 11.45am and returned at 10.05pm. Saw each other for like half an hour.

Friday: He left at 4.45am for work, returned at 2.45pm. I left for work at 11.45am and returned at 11.20pm. Saw him for an hour before sleeping.

Saturday: We finally saw each other for a few hours. I left for work at 4.45pm and came home at 11.45pm..

Sunday [Easter]: Had a brunch at his parents at 10.30am. Left for work at 11.45am and got picked up at 5.15pm to return to his parents for holiday dinner =]

So this is my main reason it’s on a Tuesday this time.. whoopsie… Then it was with the luck the ice cream salon didn’t open today due to the weather… Otherwise it would be my sixth day of working in a row… Yesterday was really cold and windy.. Didn’t sell a lot hahaha…. My coming weeks will be extremely busy with work too.. I hope to do some work on the blogs, but I doubt I can manage to find a lot of time…. and energy mostly… Tomorrow is a school day again, Thursday will be busy with sports and my parents-in-law, Friday working a double shift from noon to somewhere between 10pm and 11pm, Saturday working 5pm to closing, Sunday 2pm-9pm, Monday and Tuesday 5 to closing again. On Wednesday I will work at the King’s Night festival at the city hall square in front of my working place. On Thursday it’s King’s Day and will work noon to 5pm again. Friday and Saturday will do double shifts again from noon tot somewhere between 10pm and 11pm. Sunday another 2pm-9pm shift, Monday and Tuesday 5pm to closing again. And Tuesday will be May 2nd…. So that means from this Friday I will work 12 days in a row… =] Will be hardcore!!


This weeks posts:


Coming next week:

  • I hope another review….
  • Sunday Post #38. April 23


So I finished Traitor to the Throne by Alwyn Hamilton last Sunday. Since then I’ve read The Masterpiecers by Olivia Wildenstein and Netherworld [The Chonicles of Koa #1] by K.N. Lee. I’m currently at 75% of The Gender War [The Gender Game #4] by Bella Forrest.

My next reads will be Dark Prophet [The Chronicles of Koa #2] by K.N. Lee, XODUS [Astralis #1] by K.J. McPike and Extinct [AM13 Outbreak #3] by Samie Sands. If April lets me read one more book it will be The Gender Fall [The Gender Game #5] by Bella Forrest.


  • Monday Apr 10, Castle S6E18: The Way of the Ninja
  • Tuesday Apr 11, Castle S6E19: The Greater Good
  • Tuesday Apr 11, Castle S6E20: That 70’s Show
  • Tuesday Apr 11, Castle S6E21: Law & Boarder
  • Wednesday Apr 12, Castle S6E22: Veritas
  • Wednesday Apr 12, Castle S6E23: For Better or Worse
  • Wednesday Apr 12, Castle S7E1: Driven
  • Wednesday Apr 12, Castle S7E2: Montreal
  • Wednesday Apr 12, Castle S7E3: Clear &a Present Danger
  • Wednesday Apr 12, Castle S7E4: Child’s Play
  • Thursday Apr 13, Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E16: The Wednesday Incident
  • Friday Apr 14, Castle S7E5: Meme is Murder
  • Saturday Apr 15, Castle S7E6: The Time of Our Lives

In case you’ve missed these:

XoXo Felicia.

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