Candidate [The Black Mage #3]. #TBRC2017

I received this book through Rachel E. Carter. I got it in exchange for an honest review. I’m thanking Rachel E. Carter for providing me with the copy of this book.


Welcome to the Candidacy. Where dreams go to die.

Twenty-year-old Ryiah is a black mage of Combat, but she’s not the Black Mage. Yet. She’s had her eyes on the legendary robe for as long as she can remember, and in just one year, she will have a chance at her country’s prestigious—and only—tourney for war mages… Too bad she is going up against a certain prince—the one person she has yet to beat.

The Candidacy finally arrives and a winner is robed, but something dark is lurking in her kingdom’s midst. Rival nations are closing in, and it’s time to make an alliance.

Unfortunately for Ryiah, that’s only the beginning. The worst enemy resides in the palace.

This text comes from Goodreads. All credit of this text goes to the publisher and writer of this book.

rachel-e-carter-candidateAbout the book:

Author: Rachel E. Carter

Book length: 380 pages

Published: October 26, 2015

Series: The Black Mage #3

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult, Magic, Adventure, Romance, War

Rating:  ink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipart5 out of 5 quills

Started reading:   February 20, 2017

Finished reading: February 27, 2017

“Perhaps the gods will surprise us and it will be neither.”
“A true tragedy.”
“Of epic proportions.”
“Two longstanding rivals.”
“And only one robe to bear.”
“Who will win?” Darren’s tone was wry. “The handsome prince?”
I grinned. “Or his valiant betrothed?”

What did I think about the book?

Oh my gosh this book killed me!! All those feels!! And those plot twist!! Oh my gosh Rachel!!! Why do this to us!?!?!? Okay, get yourself together and write this review hahahah

It’s so hard to write this… My heart broke in this book, my feelings were thrown all over the place and put back into my heart to be thrown all over again…

This book is where the story gets really serious.. Ryiah is finally a black mage, but not THE black mage yet. And she trains her ass off to get that black robe… She does all this while struggling with the royal family who hates her, her country is on the brink of war and she has love related issues. Her main love issue is of course Darren, and not specifically her relationship. But the fact he is her only true competition in the Candidacy. Her ‘enemy’ is the battle for the black robe.

This book with its action, romance, politics, war, plot twists and everything in it raised the whole series to a new level of awesomeness!! I was absolutely emotionally thrown all over the place, but am seriously in love with this series =] I applaud Rachel for her writing. Thank you for giving us the world of Ryiah and Darren!!

Let’s see if Last Stand has the same increasing quality the previous books have!! I’m sad it’s the final book in the series, but can’t wait to read on!!

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XoXo Felicia.

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