Sunday Post #31. March 5

Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme originally from Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things I have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on my blog.


So my week wasn’t all that exciting. Had some drinks with the friends from Taekwondo, miss them. Will be a few weeks before starting my training again – easily, to not tear my MCL again =]

The rest of the week was easy. Had an utterly lazy weekend with the bf. So did some reading, Finished NCIS S3 and Alphas S2 [finished the show].

But I did get some exciting news. I got my first positive reply for a job and am now waiting for my invitation to the interview =] =] =] I’m so happy and do so hope I get that invitation!!! Will you guys hope with me? I’m sure it will be all good then!!

Have a great week you all!!


Goodreads Reading Challenge 2017 update: 20/100

The Backlist Reader Challenge 2017 update: 10/50, reviewed 1/50


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  • Sunday Post #31. March 5


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  • Jan + Feb Haul.
  • Jan + Feb Wrap-Up and March TBR.
  • Most Anticipated Releases Feb + Mar.
  • #76 Apprentice.
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  • #78 Candidate.
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I finished reading Candidate last Monday. Started Last Stand, the final book in The Black Mage series, and finished it on Thursday. Now busy reading Passenger by Alexandra Bracken, will hopefully finish it tonight in my bathtub and bed. My next reads will be Wayfarer, the sequel to Passenger, and The Gender War, the fourth book in The Gender Game series by Bella Forrest.


  • Monday Feb 27, NCIS S3E16: Family Secret
  • Monday Feb 27, NCIS S3E17: Ravenous
  • Monday Feb 27, NCIS S3E18: Bait
  • Monday Feb 27, NCIS S3E19: Iced
  • Monday Feb 27, NCIS S3E20: Untouchable
  • Tuesday Feb 28, NCIS S3E21: Bloodbath
  • Tuesday Feb 28, NCIS S3E22: Jeopardy
  • Tuesday Feb 28, NCIS S3E23: Hiatus (1)
  • Tuesday Feb 28, NCIS S3E24: Hiatus (2)
  • Wednesday Mar 1, Alphas S2E1: Wake Up Call
  • Wednesday Mar 1, Alphas S2E2: The Quick and the Dead
  • Wednesday Mar 1, Alphas S2E3: Alpha Dogs
  • Thursday Mar 2, Alphas S2E4: When Push Comes to Shove
  • Thursday Mar 2, Alphas S2E5: Gaslight
  • Friday Mar 3, Alphas S2E6: Alphaville
  • Friday Mar 3, Alphas S2E7: Gods and Monsters
  • Saturday Mar 4, Alphas S2E8: Falling
  • Saturday Mar 4, Alphas S2E9: The Devil Will Drag You Under
  • Sunday Mar 5, Alphas S2E10: Life After Death

With the bf:

  • Monday Feb 27, Life in Pieces S1E19: Pestilence War Famine Death
  • Monday Feb 27, Life in Pieces S1E20: Prank Assistant Gum Puppy
  • Monday Feb 27, Life in Pieces S1E21: Cinderella Fantasy Prom Dougie
  • Monday Feb 27, Life in Pieces S1E22: Crytunes Divorce Tablet Ring
  • Thursday Mar 2, Life in Pieces S2E1: Annulled Roommate Pill Shower
  • Thursday Mar 2, Life in Pieces S2E2: Receptionist Pot Voting Cramp
  • Friday Mar 3, Life in Pieces S2E3: Eyebrows Anonymous Trapped Gem
  • Friday Mar 3, Life in Pieces S2E4: Cheap Promotion Flying Birthday
  • Saturday Mar 4, Life in Pieces S2E5: Dinner Professor Lesbian Steps
  • Saturday Mar 4, Life in Pieces S2E6: Boxing Opinion Spider Beard
  • Sunday Mar 5, Life in Pieces S2E7: Swim Survivor Zen Talk
  • Sunday Mar 5, Life in Pieces S2E8: Vanity Window Dress Grace


In case you’ve missed these:

XoXo Felicia.

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