Sunday Post #30. February 26

Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme originally from Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things I have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on my blog.


So my week in short.

Monday: I went to the dietician, lost a few pounds and some centimetres again =]. Went to my physical therapist, got some exercises for my knee and leg. Went to my speech therapist, he said he thought I was really doing great with my stutter over the last few weeks. It’s improving again. [stress makes me stutter more…. so that means less stress in my life??]

Tuesday: I had a good conversation about life and a fairly quiet and down day for me… That sucked, I was alone and felt empty… So my day was mostly brainlessly playing games on my phone…

Wednesday: Had a class at night. No model, but learned a great deal on colouring hair. Used my exercise head again to roll a perm. Questioned myself because of some loose rolls I have to put back again every time.. My teachers said not to worry it looks perfect and can’t get any better than that. Woohoo, yay me!!!!

Thursday: Had a job interview in The Hague. In the storm…. Meant that my drive to the Hague was 45 minutes and from was an hour and 45 minutes -_-‘ They want me to join them, but because of the hours I can’t work full-time and that won’t give me enough money right now… So it was a success, but no succes after all…. On with my job hunting!!

At night I visited my Taekwondo club – I miss them – and went for a drink with a few friends from Taekwondo =] It cheered me up a big bit =]

Friday: This was actually a good day. Played some Pokemon Go – don’t judge, or do, I don’t mind… Grew up with Pokemon and still like it… Gives me free exercise and oxygen hahahaha] – with the bf, went for a cappuccino and scored a faux leather jacket for €3 and a pair of amazingly comfy jeans for €20 =] yay me!!

Saturday: was a quiet day for most of the day. The bf had an early shift and went to take a nap after he got home. But I went to see Fifty Shades Darker with his mom!! I really liked it!! More story than the first one… I haven’t read the books yet and now I’m really thinking about reading them after the movies are done, because of the big differences there are….

Sunday: Today was a day of some chores, some TV, some reading, some [okay some more] food and blogging =] I managed to do 3 reviews today!! Woohoo, I’m getting my game back =] =] =] And my Sunday Post is on a Sunday without a week missed =] Still trying to catch up with the Top Ten Tuesdays and such, but got to live too and not feel pressured all the time.. So I will catch up on ALL of them – YES, ALL OF THEM – but without the pressure for me. I don’t want to be pressured anymore than I have to be, so my blogging is becoming my place to have fun and zen. Instead of I HAVE TO WRITE THIS TODAY OR THE EARTH WILL BE GONE kind of attitude…

So you all have a great and zen and fun week and I’ll catch you later!!




This weeks posts:

Coming next week:

  • #76 Apprentice.
  • #77 Caraval.
  • #78 Candidate.
  • Hopefully some TTT catch ups =]
  • January + February Haul.
  • January + February Wrap-Up & March TBR.
  • Maybe a Most Anticipated Releases from February & March?
  • Sunday Post #31. March 5


So this week was a quiet week in my reading life… =[ I started Candidate by Rachel E. Carter, it’s the third book in The Black Mage series. I hope to finish it tonight and maybe finish Last Stand before the end of the month…


  • Monday Feb 20, Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E3: The Jimmy Jab Games
  • Monday Feb 20, Grimm S5E14: Lycanthropia
  • Monday Feb 20, Grimm S5E15: Skin Deep
  • Monday Feb 20, Grimm S5E16: The Believer
  • Monday Feb 20, Grimm S5E17: Inugami
  • Monday Feb 20, Grimm S5E18: Good to the Bone
  • Monday Feb 20, Grimm S5E19: The Taming of the Wu
  • Tuesday Feb 21, Stranger Things S1E6: The Monster
  • Tuesday Feb 21, Grimm S5E20: Bad Night
  • Tuesday Feb 21, Grimm S5E21: The Beginning of the End
  • Wednesday Feb 22, Stranger Things S1E7: The Bathtub
  • Wednesday Feb 22, Stranger Things S1E8: The Upside Down
  • Wednesday Feb 22, Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E4: Halloween II
  • Wednesday Feb 22, Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E5: The Mole
  • Wednesday Feb 22, NCIS S3E3: Mind Games
  • Thursday Feb 23, Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E6: Jake and Sophia
  • Friday Feb 24, NCIS S3E4: Silver War
  • Friday Feb 24, NCIS S3E5: Switch
  • Friday Feb 24, NCIS S3E6: The Voyeur’s Web
  • Friday Feb 24, NCIS S3E7: Honor Code
  • Saturday Feb 25, NCIS S3E8: Under Covers
  • Saturday Feb 25, NCIS S3E9: Frame-Up
  • Saturday Feb 25, NCIS S3E10: Probie
  • Saturday Feb 25, NCIS S3E11: Model Behavior
  • Saturday Feb 25, NCIS S3E12: Boxed In
  • Sunday Feb 26, NCIS S3E13: Deception
  • Sunday Feb 26, NCIS S3E14: Light Sleeper
  • Sunday Feb 26, NCIS S3E15: Head Case

With the bf:

  • Monday Feb 20, Last Man Standing S1E14: Odd Couple Out
  • Monday Feb 20, Life in Pieces S1E3: Sleepy Email Brunch Tree
  • Tuesday Feb 21, Life in Pieces S1E4: Prison Baby Golf Picking
  • Tuesday Feb 21, Life in Pieces S1E5: Babe Secret Phone Germs
  • Wednesday Feb 22, Life in Pieces S1E6: Ponzi Sex Paris Bounce
  • Wednesday Feb 22, Life in Pieces S1E7: Nanny Tent Earrings Cheeto
  • Thursday Feb 23, Life in Pieces S1E8: Godparent Maze Mexican Farts
  • Thursday Feb 23, Life in Pieces S1E9: Hospital Boudoir Time-Out Namaste
  • Friday Feb 24, Life in Pieces S1E10: Burn Vasectomy Milkshake Pong
  • Friday Feb 24, Life in Pieces S1E11: Lice Stealing College Caroling
  • Friday Feb 24, Life in Pieces S1E12: Bite Flight Wing-Man Bonnie
  • Friday Feb 24, Life in Pieces S1E13: Part Lobster Gym Sale
  • Friday Feb 24, Life in Pieces S1E14: Will Trash Book Spa
  • Friday Feb 24, Life in Pieces S1E15: Gigi TV Soccer Mikey
  • Friday Feb 24, Life in Pieces S1E16: Tattoo Valentine Pregnant Guitar
  • Friday Feb 24, Life in Pieces S1E17: Hair Recital Rainbow Mom
  • Sunday Feb 26, Life in Pieces S1E18: Sexting Mall Lemonade Heartbreak

With the mom-in-law:

  • Saturday Feb 25, Fifty Shades Darker

fifty shades darker.jpg

While writing:

  • Sunday Feb 26, CSI S3E1: Revenge is Best Served Cold


In case you’ve missed these:

XoXo Felicia.

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