First Year [The Black Mage #1]. #TBRC2017

I received this book through Rachel E. Carter herself. I got it in exchange for an honest review. I’m thanking Rachel E. Carter for providing me with the copy of this book.


Before the age of seventeen, the young men and women of Jerar are given a choice —pursue a trade or enroll in a trial year in one of the realm’s three war schools to study as a soldier, knight, or mage…

For fifteen-year-old Ryiah, the choice has always been easy. Become a mage and train in Combat, the most prestigious faction of magic.

Yet when she arrives, Ry finds herself competing against friend and foe for one of the exalted apprenticeships. Everyone is rooting for her to fail—first and foremost among them is Prince Darren, the school prodigy who has done nothing but make life miserable since she arrived.

Will Ry survive, or will her dream go down in flames? 

This text comes from Goodreads. All credit of this text goes to the publisher and writer of this book.

rachel-e-carter-first-yearAbout the book:

Author: Rachel E. Carter

Book length: 252 pages

Published: August 11, 2014

Series: The Black Mage #1

Genre: Fantasy, Young adult, Magic, Romance, Fiction

Rating:  ink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipart5 out of 5 quills

Started reading:    February 14

Finished reading: February 15

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t give [advice] to the girl that has tried to get me tossed out of this place not once but twice -oh, and let’s not forget your most inglorious moment, when you TRIED TO LIGHT ME ON FIRE.”

What did I think about the book?


So first of all I love Oblivion and Skyrim and those games and always join the Mages Guild and make most progress there. [I join the other as well duh hahaha] But that fact made me want to read this series even more =] I did not exactly know what to expect, but went into the story with a fresh mind and great opinions of others and recommendations. and the fact that Rachel E. Carter is just an amazing and sweet person =]

This story was amazing!! You believe me now? After ranting ^ there hahahaha… This story had it all, great character build, good use of tension and climaxes, a great plotline, a bit of romance and a lot of action and sassiness =]

I really loved the sassiness, it was a really important factor in this story. Which brings us to the characters, including their sassiness. I love Ryiah, her persistence, strength, hope, sassiness [duh!!], her way of thinking, and her love for her friends and family. She has a feel of justice to stand up for herself and for others that is just great. Her role in this book was with a lot of struggles and pain. So much pain… But she survived and it made her stronger!! Darren was a difficult, but intriguing figure. I my mind he’s hot as damn!! I’, really excited how his part will grow and how his history made him to the prince he is now. Other characters I really love are Ella, Alex and Marius!!

I can’t say anymore about this book other than I really LOVE this book and this series already!! So get your ass on the couch/bed/favourite reading place and start reading this series!!!

Next to be reviewed are Non-Heir [Darren’s prequel story] and Apprentice [2nd book] =]

oh P.S. They are so pretty!!


In case you’ve missed these:


XoXo Felicia.

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