Sunday Post #16. November 20

Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme originally from Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things I have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on my blog.


So my recap of this past week again…

Monday I had to work at night. Not much excitement, but we watched Blade while my costumers got their teeth whitened.

Tuesday was an appointment day. Went to the GP for a back muscle that’s been kinda stuck since like July, finally got approved to go to the physio therapist to get it fixed haha… That afternoon got my new contact lenses checked out.. Back to my old lenses it will be =] The best part of the day was watching the live premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them on the blue carpet in London. It was an amazing event to watch… The movie aired here on Wednesday, but I can’t see it until the 25th as the earliest opportunity. ='[

Wednesday was a bit of a lazy day. Wednesday night was a school night for me and it was very fun to do. We had to give our exercise heads another haircut and I nailed it =] In my opinion the haircuts are easier for me than setting a perm. Maybe because of the thumb strength you need to set a good perm.

Thursday was a day for housekeeping, having dinner at my parents-in-law [bf had to work a late shift] and another working night. This time we had the Da Vinci Code to watch on the beamer =] Love that movie!! Got an early Christmas gift, which I’m enjoying a lot – been waiting on the remastering of it for a very long time!! And yes, it’s very early because it saved us 25% of the price, so why the hell not?! =]

On Friday I got the good news from the dietician that I’d lost weight again and I should keep up the good work =] [no I’m not like really fatty, but I gained a LOT of weight – for me that is – because of the wrong medicine I got last year and being at home for almost a year and a half.. So yeah, I needed help to lose it again] Already lost 7,5 kilos from where I started =] yay me!! 10 more to go X]

The rest of the day was a bit of writing for the blog [to get me motivated to write reviews again, I’m way behind – whoops], reading, playing the Christmas present again [spoiler: It’s the Special Edition of the remastered version of Skyrim, Love it!!]

So Saturday wasn’t an interesting day hahaha…. Read some, watched some episodes again and tidied up the house… My bf has a late shift again and I treated myself on a delicious spaghetti Bolognese with bubbly rose wine!! [any of you know Hugo wine? It’s delicious!!]

Sunday was a productive way if you talk about laundry hahahaha… Watched a lot of episodes today while folding laundry… Great way to make laundry more fun…. My bf got some good news from his job. He could come home early and we got to go to the wok here.. On his actual birthday =] It was delicious as always.. Funny thing is when you have a late dinner on a Sunday night at a restaurant you have the complete restaurant to yourselves.. Like a private party, but cheap hahahaha

I’m very excited for my birthday and Christmas by the way!! I’ve got lists ready with what I want to buy and it comes from multiple shops hahaha. For my birthday I got lists on, [kinda like a Dutch Amazon], Facebook, Bookdepository and Marktplaats [like a Dutch version of Craigslist]… And my Christmas presents are all chosen as well lol… My parents-in-law will buy their gift for me at Forbidden Planet in New York City!! It’s much cheaper there haha.. They are married for 30 years on December 1st and will celebrate it with a trip to New York City =] [I was forbidden to ask for books for Christmas hahahaha]

So you all have a great week!! I hope we get to see Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them this week!! I’m so excited for the movie… Can’t wait for my birthday money to get me the books I want, including the original script of FBAWTFT and the Case of Beasts =]


This weeks posts:

Coming next week [at least]:

  • TTT#15 Thanksgiving Freebie.
  • Tv Thursday #7. Week 47, 2016
  • Sunday Post #17. November 27


I read Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini. It’s the first book in the Worldwalker Trilogy!! I loved it, will write my review – as soon as I have my writing motivation back again.. I’ll start The Alchemists of Loom – first book in the Loom Saga – by Elise Kova and A Wizard’s Forge – first book in the Woern Saga – by A.M. Justice. all of these are arcs gotten through NetGalley.


Because I love these series:

  • Monday Nov 14, Grimm S3E3: A Dish Best Served Cold
  • Monday Nov 14, Grimm S3E4: One Night Stand
  • Monday Nov 14, Grimm S3E5: El Cucuy
  • Monday Nov 14, Grimm S3E6: Stories We Tell Our Young
  • Monday Nov 14, Grimm S3E7: Cold Blooded
  • Monday Nov 14, Grimm S3E8: Twelve Days of Krampus
  • Tuesday Nov 15, Grimm S3E9: Red Menace
  • Tuesday Nov 15, Grimm S3E10: Eyes Of The Beholder
  • Tuesday Nov 15, Grimm S3E11: The Good Soldier
  • Wednesday Nov 16, Grimm S3E12: The Wild Hunt [1]
  • Friday Nov 18, Grimm S3E13: Revelation
  • Friday Nov 18, Grimm S3E14: Mommy Dearest
  • Friday Nov 18, Grimm S3E15: Once We Were Gods
  • Friday Nov 18, Grimm S3E16: The Show Must Go On
  • Friday Nov 18, Grimm S3E17: Synchronicity
  • Saturday Nov 19, Grimm S3E18: The Law Of Sacrifice
  • Saturday Nov 19, Grimm S3E19: Nobody Knows The Trubel I’ve Seen
  • Sunday Nov 20, Grimm S3E20: My Fair Wesen
  • Sunday Nov 20, Grimm S3E21: The Inherintance
  • Sunday Nov 20, Grimm S3E22: Blond Ambition
  • Sunday Nov 20, Madam Secretary S1E1: Pilot
  • Sunday Nov 20, Madam Secretary S1E2: Another Benghazi
  • Sunday Nov 20, Madam Secretary S1E3: The Operative


I’m definitely going to love these beautiful books by Terry Maggert. I got a message on Twitter if I would be interested to read and review these books. The blurbs on Goodreads got me really interested in reading them. Terry is a very nice author and left-handed like me!! Lefties Rock!!



In case you’ve missed these:

XoXo Felicia.

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