Sunday Post #8. September 25

Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme originally from Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things I have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on my blog.


Monday and Tuesday were slow days as I was feeling ill. Started to ran a bit of a fever on Sunday night and I felt like Katy Perry’s song ‘Hot and Cold’ for a while… But Tuesday started a little better, did still have the headache and tummy aches though.. Hope I feel better on Wednesday as I start school again.. It is a bummer I missed Taekwondo, from now on on Mondays or on Thursdays in another town… So hopefully I’ll get to go on Thursday!!

Wednesday was a good day. Went to the dentist – yes, I’m unique I don’t mind the dentist. I wouldn’t even mind going every month. I like the feeling of my teeth afterwards… =] xD I’m an idiot I know hahaha. That evening I had my first class. Got my huge pack of stuff, a trunk full of stuff like, wraps, scissors, caps and so on. Got a blow dryer with it and an exercise head. It was so much fun!! I’m really looking forward to the next classes =]

Thursday was an utterly frustrating day. Nothing went well and most things weren’t good news.. I even cleaned the wrong bike in the gym after using it… I thought where are my bottle and phone??? Oh, wrong bike… seriously nothing went well… A day to quickly forget =]

Friday was a busy day, had two appointments. But the first apparently took about 3-4 hours and I didn’t know that before hand… So my second appointment will be another time hahaha…. On Friday night I had to work again.

Saturday was a goodbye to the summer. Last day of wearing my bikini and having the chance to read and tan in my back yard. Read a big part of The Graces this day. Did some big groceries later on. Normally we do this together but the bf had to work. So it took me 1,5 hours to drive to and from [5 min each] and be in the supermarket… It was damn heavy hahahaha. That night I watched series for a change and read a bit of The Graces some more.

Sunday was a weird day in case of the weather. Started out bright and sunny and changed into windy and clouded. Was supposed to rain, my bf said it was raining cats and dogs there, but I haven’t seen a drop of rain hahaha.. Written the review of The Graces and look:

Ok, I’m really, really happy right now!!

In the evening I finished this post. I also tried to set a perm onto my exercise head. IT’s tougher than it looks hahaha…. But skill comes with practice they say, right? Watched some more episodes during setting the perm, but I had to stop because the episode was so truly sad! ='[ ='[ ='[ Not fun…. But happier news for me, I got my first review quest from an author himself, through my contact form…. And I got nominated for the Versatile Award =] [Will make a post of it in the coming days [; ] Makes me feel a little proud of myself =] Now I’m gonna take a bath and read some more!!


This weeks posts:

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  • TTT#10 Books On My Fall TBR List.
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Continued reading Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast. It’s the first book in her new series: Tales of a New World. I’m liking it so far!! I read The Graces by Laure Eve and started reading Sun and Moon by Desiree Williams for Xpresso Book Reviews!!


Because I love these series:

  • Tuesday Sept 20, The Flash S2E14: Escape From Earth-2
  • Tuesday Sept 20, Arrow S4E14: Code of Silence
  • Wednesday Sept 21, Supergirl S1E14: Truth, Justice and the American Way
  • Thursday Sept 22, The Flash S2E15: King Shark
  • Friday Sept 23, Arrow S4E15: Taken
  • Friday Sept 23, Supergirl S1E15: Solitude
  • Saturday Sept 24, Supergirl S1E16: Falling
  • Saturday Sept 24, Supergirl S1E17: Manhunter
  • Saturday Sept 24, The Flash S2E16: Trajectory
  • Saturday Sept 24, Arrow S4E16: Broken Hearts
  • Sunday Sept 25, Supergirl S1E18: Worlds Finest




  • Barbara Early – Death of a Toy Soldier Goodreads.
  • Anonymous, Hannah Todd – Hello Me, It’s You Goodreads.

In case you’ve missed these:

XoXo Felicia.

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