Meeting Laure Eve & Kass Morgan.

So, last Saturday was pretty amazing. I went to Donner, it’s a bookstore in Rotterdam. It was always on the Lijnbaan, but since 2015 it’s been in the old ABN bank building on the Coolsingel. Which means that it’s pretty cool to be there. The Store is pretty big, the meeting place is actually super awesome!!

I picked up my hardcover copy of The 100 around 3pm. I had to hunt it down and make some phone calls, because no shop had it in store and the web-shops would deliver it after the 20th.. So with a few phone calls I made sure Donner fixed me a copy in time!! =] It’s really pretty and shiny white!! And I got an awesome tote bag with it!!


After that and some waiting we all went downstairs into the old bank vault. YES WITH AN AWESOME BIG ASS BANK VAULT DOOR!!!!!!!!! I hoped for that and it was really amazing to have seen that from up close =D And there were the ladies of the day: Laure Eve and Kass Morgan.


Look at the vault entrance and all those old deposit lockers!! Isn’t it brilliant for a bookshop to do events down here??

So we had like 45 minutes of interviews with the both of them, including questions from the audience –> including me. I noticed Laure will write for cake on her twitter profile, so I asked her for what cake she’d write? Her answer: ANY CAKE!! After my question someone made it even more difficult for Laure to choose.. She asked if Laure would have to eat only one kind of cake for the rest of her life what cake would it be? Surprisingly it would be carrot cake. Because it’s light and because of all the spices used in the cake… I’ve never tried carrot cake myself, ever…. I’m a cake person too, but I’m more of chocolate, stracciatella and really fluffy cakes…. We have special recipes in holland from Dr. Oetker and it’s called Cloud Cake… It’s really as fluffy and airy as a cloud!!


So interviews are done, and we headed upstairs into the store again to wait some more… xD But this time we waited in line to get our books signed and talk to those two amazing and beautiful women ourselves. If you look on my Twitter, you can see a conversation between me and Eve about setting the stage on fire.. It’s really funny, but that made me want to give them both a little present and reminder of us awesome people here in the Netherlands. I came up with the idea to bring a super soaker, but Laure said wet chic is not her style. So in case they set the stage on fire I bought them a little popsicle maker to cool down. Red for Laure [check the cover of The Graces and you know why I chose red hahaha] and Green for Kass because of The 100 being sent to Earth. On it I wrote the text: XOXO Felicia, Love from Holland =]

Laure posted a picture of her gifts on her Instagram =]

And here are my pics of meeting them en getting my books signed:


I’m so happy with the message from Kass. They’re both such sweet women!!


If I’m lucky, maybe I will be at a signing with Julie Kagawa September 30th!!



In case you’ve missed these:

XoXo Felicia.

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