Six of Crows. [Six of Crows #1]


Ketterdam: a bustling hub of international trade where anything can be had for the right price—and no one knows that better than criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker. Kaz is offered a chance at a deadly heist that could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. But he can’t pull it off alone…

A convict with a thirst for revenge.

A sharpshooter who can’t walk away from a wager.

A runaway with a privileged past.

A spy known as the Wraith.

A Heartrender using her magic to survive the slums.

A thief with a gift for unlikely escapes.

Kaz’s crew are the only ones who might stand between the world and destruction—if they don’t kill each other first. Goodreads.


Leigh Bardugo - Six of CrowsAbout the book:

Author: Leigh Bardugo

Book length: 465 pages

Published: September 29, 2015

Series: Six of Crows #1

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Magic, YA, Fiction, Adventure, Romance, High Fantasy, GLBT, Mystery, Crime, Heist

Rating:  ink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipart5 out of 5 quills

Started reading: September 12

Finished reading: September 16

“Wylan clutched his middle, still snorting laughter, and pointed downwards. Trailing behind them was a banner, caught in the tank’s treads. Despite the smears of mud and gunpowder burns, Inej could still make out the words: “STRYDMAKTFJERDANFjerdan Might.”

What did I think about the book? [okay, definite spoilers here]

This book is so damn beautiful, and not only the book itself with the awesome cover, black pages and Leigh’s signature in it =]

This was absolutely fantastic!! I’m very happy I read The Grisha books before this one, because of the back story and some character appearances in this book.

I absolutely love how she used a lot of Dutch in this book, as I’m from The Netherlands =] =] =] =]

I don’t know where to begin with this review, I’m still so amazed by the book!! The world building, the character building, the tension and story building.. Amen to that!!

I must give Leigh so much credits for making the main character, Kaz, in this book like herself… With a bad leg and walking with a cane. She portrays Kaz – not like a cripple, weak and always in pain – but she makes him stronger. She uses his cane as part of his myth. And that’s what Kaz is all about, myths. Nobody knows why he wears his gloves [okay, we do now]. The gloves are an important piece of Kaz and she only reveals why he wears them at the end of the book. And also in the end we truly get to know how he got to be needing his cane. Which I can picture as a masterpiece, so beautiful, sleek. And I imagine it sleek and shiny black with a white crows head on it…. Don’t know if I’m right, but that’s how I picture his cane…

Funny thing: when I read the biggest chunck of this book I was on my sun bed in my backyard enjoying the sun for the last day =[ But while reading a big flock of crows – just looked it up is called a ‘murder’ okay so dark I love this fact – so okay, while reading I was surrounded by a murder of crows in the trees behind my back yard. They were cawing loudly and stayed there for like 40 minutes… And then all flew away in a beautiful way, spread out and in a long run!! It was meant to be =]

The story itself was truly amazing, I did not see that ending coming, but it got me craving for more immediately. So I’m really glad I waited to read this book just before Crooked Kingdom is released.

Leigh gave the characters life. I’ve seen so much on Tumblr about these six it’s unbelievable. I’ve never seen so much fan made art about any book before.


Kaz Brekker I’ve talked about a bit before. But he was so much more than his cane, gloves and myths. He’s very human, even though he doesn’t let people see that. His image is everything to him. The only thing that means more to whom he is now, is taking revenge. I loved how Leigh reveal why he wanted revenge and why on Pekka. His backstory is written oustandingly!! It makes him so interesting to read about. What the others don’t see, but we do is the fact he has feelings. To the world of Ketterdam, Fjerda and all other places he’s a demon, a trickster, dirtyhands. Someone who’ll do anything for the right price. But deep inside he’s human, a human with feelings. I hope those feelings for Inej will lead to her rescue and maybe the ship we all want so badly to happen!!

Inej Ghafa, the Wraith, the ghost and the little girl who wants revenge and to be her parents daughter again. The acrobat, kidnapped for Miss Heleen. Inej forced to work in the Menagerie. Bought out by Per Haskell to work in freedom in the Dregs and pay him off bit by bit. A girl no one knows she’s there – but Kaz -, unless she reveals herself. Inej is the bravest character in this book, according to me. She is brave, but not brave enough to teel Kaz how she feels. She defies nature, sound, sight and sometimes even gravity. But emotion is something she can’t defy. Her great plan for the future is dared, but a great thing to idealize. I felt like Inej grew in this book, came out of her shell more and more.

Nina Zenik, a girl to my heart. I love her snappy side, her cheecky side. But this girl isn’t only snappy and cheecky. She really cares for the people around her. Even though they want to kill her. She is amazing with her powers. A heartrender who turn her destroying power to heal her friend and save her life. what impressed me most about Nina is her self-sacrifice to save the others in the End. She could risk her life using Jurda Parem, but if she didn’t they all would have been captured and or killed or worse. It’s the ultimate good thing to do as a human. This showed Matthias she’s human even more. Instead of the Drüskelle stuff he was taught to believe.

Matthias Helvar a Fjerdan blond with eyes as blue as the drowning sea. Taught to be a Drüskelle, a witch-hunter. One who hunts Grisha for being Grisha. Until he meets Nina, the back story of these two is cute, amazing and such an addition to the main story. He loves her, but wants to kill her because of his beliefs. He feels like a traitor of his country and people. But in the end he learns the truth and defies the Drüskelle laws and ways.

Jesper Fahey is the funny guy in the group. One who loves a gamble and his gun a bit too much. But he’s a good guy, even though he’s a thief and a bad gambler. He’s actually kinda sweet for a bad boy. How he takes Wylan under his wings – okay, after a grumble when Kaz makes him watch Wylan – and teaches him things. His comments towards Wylan are so cute. Did not expext it with Jesper, but they would make such a darn cute couple =]

Wylan Van Eck runaway boy from a privileged home. Only in the end of the book we learn his reasons for leaving his father and coming to the Dregs. It’s actually sad if you think about it. But he is a smart guy, a sweet guy and real funny. He and Jesper would ineed be a cute couple, but he is the perfect addition to Ketterdam’s Six [the heist reminded me of Ocean’s Eleven so that’s why hahaha]. This kid has balls for standing up to his father like he did. And for proving himself to a group of criminals, while he was the kid brought up by tutors and got lessons in playing the flute. He’s a bad ass kiddo!!





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XoXo Felicia.

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