Sunday Post #7. September 18

Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme originally from Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things I have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on my blog.


Monday was a nice day on the beach with my parents-in-law. That night I had a lovely bbq with my bf. Been too long since I made my pasta salad, it’s soooooo good!!! yum yum, made extra for Tuesday =]

Tuesday was a day for my back yard, laundry and my first shift at work. Started at 7pm and finished at 9pm. [Darn WordPress!! Had a whole story and poof it’s gone the next day =/ Now I gotta remember all I wanted to tell you] So…. My first shift was very short. It all depends on how long the whitening treatment takes they want. Yes, I’m a tooth whitener or what you may call it hahahaha….

Wednesday made me very happy. My pretty copy of the Graces arrived in the mail!! I LOVE BOOKMAIL!! Love shopping for books too, but shops are sparse and English books even more, sadly =[ It’s for the meet & greet and signing session next Saturday where Laure Eve AND Kass Morgan will be in Rotterdam. It’s in an old bank building and the meeting itself in the original bank vault. I think that is so amazing and I can’t wait!! I got even more excited when Laure Eve herself liked my Instagram and Twitter posts and said she was very excited to meet me!! =] yay, fangirling already!! The rest of the day was me tanning, again, I know hahaha and at night I went to Taekwondo again. Learnt my first series of Forms or called hyeong. It was pretty darn awesome to do!!

Thursday was a bit of a shocking day for me…. I pre-ordered the iPhone 7 plus and it’s supposed to arrive on Friday. But the comany told me that – for example – when there are 100k iPhone’s ordered only 10k are delivered in the first batch. So there’s a great chance I will have to wait another four weeks – or more – on my new phone… And that sucks a lot, my contract ends next Monday and my iPhone 5s is sucky…. I’m glad I did not sell it right away – the sucky part could be because of my Apple account they said – that would have left me phone less for a loooooong time…. =O So I hope tonight my Track & Trace will come through and I’m one of the lucky ones to have my iPhone on Friday…. Happier news: my parents-in-law will take us to dinner after the Meet & Greet with Laure and Kass!! =]

Damn you Apple!! When I pre-order something that will be available on the 16th I don’t want the news on the 16th: You gotta wait 2-3 weeks more…. I was already counting down the months/weeks/days since MAY!! ='[ This could have been a perfect week… And I’m having issues with my Kobo Aura and reading Adobe Digital Editions NetGalley copies on it…. I’m logged into the same account and it says I’m not in the right account… So I deleted all files, deleted my authorisation and did it all over again… Takes a damn long time for an arc to be copied onto my Kobo….

Saturday was the best!! I got new contact lenses, that is a bit awkward again to get used too. But in the afternoon I met Laure Eve and Kass Morgan. Listened to interviews and got books signed. Will post a special review on in tomorrow =] That night we went to one of our favourite restaurants… We did not expect to have such sucky service, we’ve never experienced that before there. The food was delicious as always, but it took so freaking damn long. It’s an all-you-can-eat-restaurant with five rounds of maximum 5 dishes each. We did 3 rounds and were there for over 3 hours… The first round came after an hour, the waitress forgot our list was in her pocket all the time… So that sucked, but it was delicious again. They were impressed by our complaints though….

Sunday was a bad day for me, everything sucked, worked against me and I hurt myself multiple times. My phone was being crazy even more than normal – and I have to wait for three more weeks at the least to get my new phone [been waiting for over four months to get the phone and now I can wait some more=/ ]…. WordPress is being sucky because the media library has issues and I can only see the last 20 pics uploaded, found a way around it thanks to people on the forum [working in the old editor for the first time ever, so that’s a challenge]… The engineers and all staff of WordPress is at a business retreat and won’t be back until the 23rd [makes everybody angry because of all the issues happening]….. Walked into a door, burned my mouth on my coffee and so on and on… So no it’s not a good day to be me today…. Few small things that were good is that Feyenoord won again with an away game at PSV [tough job to win an away game there] and the supermarket had 3 loves of our bread still at 5pm on a Sunday. That’s special because normally it’s out by noon and the other supermarket we like doesn’t have our bread on the weekends….. [weird thing, but okay huh…] So right now I’m trying to get this post and the review of Six of Crows done, make some delicious pasta Bolognese, take a bath and hopefully come to some reading… Because I can’t read when I feel so sucky like I did today…. Wanted to start The Graces so bad and now it’s past 6pm and haven’t read a word in any book…. =[

Like my blood type wants me to be: B+

Last update from Sunday: Review of Six of Crows will be coming tomorrow. I don’t feel so good, so I’m gonna take a bath and then on to bed…


This weeks posts:


Coming next week:

  • #67 Six of Crows.
  • Meeting Laure Eve & Kass Morgan.
  • TTT#9 All About Audio Freebie.
  • #68 The Warlock.
  • #69 The Scent of Salt & Sand. [NetGalley review]
  • #70 Billy the Kid and the Vampyres of Vegas.
  • #71 Beautiful Chaos.
  • Sunday Post #8. September 25


Finished Scarlet Rain on the beach on Monday. Started reading Six of Crows that night in the bath tub. I finished reading Six of Crows on Thursday evening, what an amazing writer Leigh is!! Seriously, she’s my second favourite author of all time – after J.K. Rowling, so that’s pretty bad ass!! My next read was The Scent of Salt & Sand. My Adobe Digital Editions had issues so I couldn’t get it on my Kobo =/ Read it on my iPhone and finished it on Saturday.. Mostly read to and from the Meeting With Laure Eve and Kass Morgan… My next read is The Graces and when in the tub tonight I’ll continue reading Moon Chosen n my iPhone again!!


Because I love these series:

  • Monday Sept 12, Supergirl S1E11: Strange Visitor From Another Planet
  • Tuesday Sept 13, The Flash S2E11: The Reverse-Flash Returns
  • Wednesday Sept 14, Arrow S4E11: A.W.O.L.
  • Wednesday Sept 14, Supergirl S1E12: Bizarro
  • Wednesday Sept 14, The Flash S2E12: Fast Lane
  • Thursday Sept 15, Arrow S4E12: Unchained
  • Friday Sept 16, Supergirl S1E13: For the Girl Who Has Everything
  • Sunday Sept 18, The Flash S2E13: Welcome to Earth-2
  • Sunday Sept 18, Arrow S4E13: Sins of the Father




  • Ileana Abrev – The Little Book of White Spells Goodreads.
  • Kat Ross – The Daemoniac Goodreads.
  • Jennifer Ellision – Fall of Thrones and Thorns Goodreads.
  • Danny Wetson – The Haunting of Jessop Rise Goodreads.
  • Carol Riggs – The Lying Planet Goodreads.
  • Pintip Dunn – Remember Yesterday Goodreads.


In case you’ve missed these:

XoXo Felicia.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Post #7. September 18

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  1. Beach, bbq and past salad? Count me in! 🙂 The author event sounds like it was a lot of fun. It’s always exciting to meet the authors we love and actually have a little one on one time with them. I hope your new phone shows up soon… that’s pretty frustrating that they ship them out in batches like that. Hope you’re having a good week!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, what an impressive weekly summary. There’s a lot going on in your life right now, girl. I can’t believe you even have the time to write about it!

    By the way, I am a huge fan of The Flash as well. Barry is my bae.

    P.S. In one of my earlier blog posts, I mentioned my intention of visiting every blog that follows me and leaving a little comment love as a small expression of my gratitude. Having said that, I personally want to thank you for being a part of my readership. You are incredibly wonderful, and your support means more to me than you realize! 😊💕

    Liked by 1 person

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