#ReadThemAllThon Update Week 2.

So here’s an update for the second week of the #ReadThemAllThon !!

Trainercard Togetic


This is how my week started out!! I got a Togetic with 269CP and I’ve started this week with the Boulder and the Thunder Badge!! Good start I must say!!

This week was a bit more productive, thanks to the glaring sun [I love the sun]:

I finished reading Talon, The Dream Thieves and The 100. I’m currently reading Outrun the Moon.

Written the reviews of Talon and the Dream Thieves… Okay here’s the week in numbers:

  • Togetic had 269 CP to start this week with.
  • 11 tweets = +22CP
  • Read Talon +44CP [pages] +20CP [finished] & Flame Badge
  • Reviewed Talon +20CP
  • Read The Dream Thieves +43CP [pages] +20CP [finished] & Marsh Badge
  • [won’t count the review of The Dream Thieves this week as it’s posted in week 3]
  • Read The 100 +33CP [pages] +20CP [finished] & Earth Badge
  • Reading Outrun the Moon [full potential +40CP+20CP+20CP=80CP & Rainbow Badge]


This means that my Togetic with 269CP is now a Togekiss with 541CP !!!! And this week I’ve earned THREE badges; the Marsh Badge, Flame Badge and the Earth Badge!!!

Trainercard Togekiss


How are you doing after two weeks? Progressing good or feeling a bit slow and needing to have a blast of a third week?


In case you’ve missed these:

XoXo Felicia.


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