Sunday Post #4. August 28

Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme originally from Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things I have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on my blog.


Welcome to Monday, a rainy day as ever… They said it would be a heat wave this week… With this weather I can’t see it happening… I’m pretty sure I have an identity crisis… I’m playing the Candy Crush games again… Like all three, and I’m playing like a freaking boss!! lol

Tuesday, here comes Freddy!!! No, just kidding, the heat wave arrived =] So that means, house is tidy, bikini on and get my ass on my sun bed in my back yard. Nothing is better than having ice-pops with a good book while getting my tan done and enjoying the summer!! Oh, and I got a call this morning, which ended in me having a JOB INTERVIEW Friday night!! WOOHOOOOOOOO [I hope my day summary of Friday will be as exciting as this one hahaha]

Wednesday was a crazy day!! Sun was shining her best, it was hot and I wanted to lay in the sun all day… But bf had to get his hair cut, I had an appointment with the optometrist and we had to do grocery’s, get to the doctor after the optometrist… All in all it was a crazy day and I was so tired… The optometrist resulted in me having to go see the eye doctor in the hospital somewhere in the future.. I have glasses for when I use the computer, but nowadays they give me a headache within the hour and I still have to focus so much with my eyes it’s tiring. So back to blogging and writing without glasses, gives me a headache in like 3 or 4 hours.. So limited time behind the pc, more time for reading is the up-side of it =] But it resulted in me having a prism or something, could be the effect of a whiplash I got from a car crash 6,5 years ago… But mostly I’ve got kinda twitchy eyes hahahah… That’s my problem I move my eyes so much, it costs me so much of an effort to focus on a screen it gives me headaches…. So yeah, complicated story [and a bit crazy on the twitchy part hahahaha]…

Thursday was a day of doing the least possible while tanning and reading in the sun… Why? Because last night I had my first Taekwondo lesson!! It was so much fun =] but I’m so sore right now hahahah… ow and I bruised my knuckle with punching the bag too hard [whoopiedaisie xD ] So today was me not wanting to lift my arms, walk too much or bend over for anything lol… But I’m going back for more next week!! I love kicking things [insert evil laughter]

Friday, a day of being busy and tanning!! Sound perfect right… So today I had a few appointments, could work on my tan and read in between. At 8pm I had my job interview!! I felt like I nailed it – for the first time – so I’m very hopeful. Drove home towards the sunset, drove somewhat further to the beach to take some pretty pictures. And I celebrated it with a glass of Hugo Rosé.

Okay, next couple of pics was my job interview story on Snapchat. It started just after the job interview and ended the next morning =[

So yeah, my Saturday started off VERY GOOD!!! Been at home since June 2015… Yeah, that’s a long time… But now I have a job and I’ll start evening school – one night a week – at September 21st!! The rest of my Saturday was me chilling on the beach – alone, yeah so very sad lol – and treated myself to Oreo ice cream… It’s soooo good!!

homer donut

Sunday, oh Sunday, you couldn’t be less productive hahahahaha…. So cooked my bf dinner for his late shift… Played the Candy Crush games for a few hours… yeas multiple hehehe whoops… And watched an episode this morning and OZ: The Great and Powerful finally. In 3D, I love my tv!!! The rest of the evening will be writing, reading and bathing!!!

bath i need this


This weeks posts:


Coming next week:

  • #ReadThemAllThon Update Week 2.
  • #54 The Dream Thieves.
  • TTT#6 Back to School Freebie.
  • #55 The 100.
  • August Book Haul.
  • August Wrap-Up + September TBR.
  • #56 Outrun the Moon.
  • #57 Me Before You.
  • Goodreads book tag.
  • #58 It Ends With Us.
  • Sunday Post #5. August 28


I started Talon last Saturday in the car [a whole 33 pages read xD] and finished it on Tuesday afternoon, while baking in the sun. On Sunday I started reading The Dream Thieves, and I also finished it on Tuesday, but like at 8pm… I calculated and came to the conclusion, without the start of The 100, I read 475 pages while updating my tan =]

So The 100 I started very late on a Tuesday night, like after midnight… Because I wrote the reviews of Talon and The Dream Thieves after dinner, a shower and before starting The 100. So basically I started reading The 100 on Wednesday hahaha….

Okay update on Thursday: I started reading The 100 today. Yesterday was a too busy day, and after Taekwondo I took a hot and steamy bath but it hurt too much to keep up my Kobo xD soo yeah, reading hurt… I gave up and went to bed. But on Thursday I started The 100 and I finished it on Friday morning.

Started reading Outrun the Moon by Stacey Lee after finishing The 100. Had a bit of a reading slump this weekend, but I’m going at it again!!!! Watching people at the beach and playing Candy Crush is too distracting hahahaha…. After I finish this one, only two remain; Me Before You and It Ends With Us…. Saved the cry books for last lol….


This week my series watching will have a rise in numbers of eps watched. The Olympics are over and my boyfriend has four late shifts this week… So apart from my standard waking up ritual I’ll be watching shows during dinner on my own, so no Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on those nights…

I can’t watch and write, sadly, because my laptop is still getting fixed.. I hate those trackers… I see the shop receiving it on the 12th and forwarding it to MSI on the 18th, and them not giving me any updates… It’s darn frustrating!! So I’m stuck at the ancient desktop and sadly I can’t watch eps from the side of my head…. With my laptop I could write, sitting on the couch and watch series… So we’ll wait some freaking more… Yeah, I hate waiting…. Waited too long in my life already on things I’m still waiting for…. [okay, now stop the ranting hahaha]

Because I love these series:

  • Monday Aug 22, The Flash S2E4: The Fury of the Firestorm
  • Tuesday Aug 23, Arrow S4E4: Beyond Redemption
  • Wednesday Aug 24, Supergirl S1E2: Stronger Together
  • Thursday Aug 25, The Flash S2E5: The Darkness and the Light
  • Thursday Aug 25, Arrow S4E5: Haunted
  • Friday Aug 26, Supergirl S1E3: Fight or Flight
  • Friday Aug 26, The Flash S2E6: Enter Zoom
  • Saturday Aug 27, Arrow S4E6: Loat Souls
  • Saturday Aug 27, Supergirl S1E4: Livewire
  • Saturday Aug 27, The Flash S2E7: Gorilla Warfare
  • Saturday Aug 27, Arrow S4E7: Brotherhood
  • Sunday Aug 28, Supergirl S1E5: How Does She Do It?
  • Sunday Aug 2, Oz: The Great and Powerful

Okay, I noticed some issues with Supergirl. Sidereel says this order for S1E4 & S1E5, but if you watch the series, those two episodes are in the wrong order. I watched them in the good order luckily, but with the wrong names and descriptions xD. So if you’re wanting to watch this show, go read the descriptions of these two episodes and when watching watch if the first of the two is about baby-sitting and the second is about Thanksgiving, not in the order Sidereel says or these names above state.

With my boyfriend:

  • Monday Aug 22, Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., S3E13: Parting Shot
  • Tuesday Aug 23, Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., S3E14: Watchdogs

While writing:



  • Amy McNulty – Fall Far From the Tree Goodreads.
  • Melissa McShane – Burning Bright Goodreads.
  • Jordan Elizabeth – Runners & Riders Goodreads.

In case you’ve missed these:

XoXo Felicia.

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  1. You did lots of good reading and watching. I think what happened with Supergirl was a real life thing happened that was similar to the plotline so they switched episodes so it wouldn’t be right on after whatever it was that happened…I just can’t remember what it was that happened since it seems like something is always happening. 😦

    Enjoy all those books! 🙂

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