TTT #1 Things That Books Made Me Want To Do or Learn.


Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I’ll try to participate every week in their list making frenzy =]


So I’m going to try my first TTT list. This week’s list is Things that books made me want to do or learn after reading them. Okay, not everything is realistic, but if they were, phew, I’d be dying to do them.


  1. Ride a dragon; after reading His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik and watching 6 seasons of Game of Thrones,  I really want to ride a dragon. It’s such a bummer they don’t exist… or do they?
  2. Go to Hogwarts; Do I need to explain?
  3. Visit the Vatican and its archives; I love Italy, I love Dan Brown’s books and I love old stuff^^
  4. I want to be a healer and control lightning; Yes, I love the Red queen series and can’t wait for February 2017. I think Mare; the Little Lightning Girl is awesome and her power is awesome. But the gift the healers have is absolutely amazing. How much people would be saved if we could have such gifts? 

    Rhysand inspiration by Las-T on DeviantArt
  5. Fly; Not in an airplane, but with my own set of wings. Like the Illyrians have in A Court of Mist and Fury. Okay, in real life I would settle for skydiving. But wouldn’t it be awesome to have your own wings? No more stupid traffic jams!!
  6. Be immortal; Any vampire book you can think of. But mostly think of Twilight and Edward and Carlisle Cullen. I would love to experience so many era’s and decades. To be able to learn everything you want to know without time chasing you. The healing, strength and speed would be nice beneficiary factors too hehe^^
  7. Learn Ancient Greek, Latin and Runes; Rick Riordan’s books. I learned a bit of Ancient Greek and Latin in the first two years of high school. My Greek sucked so I couldn’t continue both of them, sadly.[Yes, my high school was like pass both or learn neither.] The problem was the Greek Alphabet, I couldn’t remember it, only like 30% of it…. It was like, my report card said, Latin a 7,7 [got graded from 1-10] and my Greek a 4,3 whoops…
  8. Learn Cryptology; Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress. I love working with computers and I’m pretty handy with them. But it would be badass to learn how to hack, write code and encrypt stuff.
  9. Visit Alcatraz; The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, book 3: The Sorceress. I’ve always wanted to visit the USA, but Alcatraz is on my list of need-to-see-highlights-in-the-USA. It’s an important place for the history of the USA.
  10. Visit another dimension; Take The Vampire Diaries, The Iron Fey, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Harry Potter, and so on and on. There are so many other dimensions/worlds in books. I would love to see it for myself one day. We never know what our universe holds and where it ends…


So what is on your list?


In case you’ve missed these:

XoXo Felicia.

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