#15 Ruler of Beasts.


Danielle Paige delivers a dark and compelling reimagining of a beloved classic, perfect for fans of Cinder by Marissa Meyer, Beastly by Alex Flinn, and Wicked by Gregory Maguire.

When the Cowardly Lion set off for the Emerald City in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with Dorothy and the others, he sought courage above all else. This digital original novella is the sixth installment in the prequel arc to the edgy and thrilling New York Times bestsellers Dorothy Must Die and The Wicked Will Rise, and is the Lion’s story after he got what he’s always wanted.

The Lion’s wish has finally come true—he is the courageous ruler of the forest and all of its beasts. But the Lion is bored—he misses the days of his adventures with Dorothy, the Tin Woodman, and the Scarecrow. When Glinda the Good Witch shows up unexpectedly and tasks him with a mission back in the Emerald City, he jumps at the chance to do something exciting, even though he knows she’s not telling him the entire truth. Goodreads

Danielle Paige - Ruler of beastsAbout the Book:

Author: Danielle Paige

Book length: 84 pages

Series: Dorothy Must Die #0.6

Genre: Fantasy, YA, Retellings, Magic, Fiction, Fairy Tales, Novella, Short Story, Witch

Rating: ink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipartink-and-feather-quill-clipart half4,5 out of 5 quills

Starting reading: May 22

Finished reading: May 24

“You love the fight more than you love what you are fighting for.”

What did I think of the novella? [spoilers]

This one was a tad more logical to the character. The Lion is King of Beasts after he lost his cowardly traits. I liked the fact that he got bored ruling his beastdom. Most lions in real life seem bored a lot hehe.

His mission for Glinda made his adventure more interesting. It was sad and mean how Glinda turned the three friends against Ozma. She’s so breakable and loveable.

But the mission must continue. Only the Lion starts to like Ozma and the relaxing he does with her. But when the mission progresses in a good way, will we be seeing more of the Nome King????, the mission ends in lies, betrayal and trust issues.

It was sad to see that Glinda made the Lion lie, which broke his friendship. I did like the fact that Ozma banished Glinda. Serves the bitch right!! But it’s sad for Ozma and the Lion. She lost her friend, because of her foe. The Lion lost it all and starts on his road to getting more evil and allied with the worst personas.

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