#1 Holiday Wrap Up: Curacao

Welcome back, welcome back I say!! My trip to Curacao was amazing =]

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I love it, want to go back and want to live there.. Woohoo I’m psyched !! =D =D

Apart from a day to Willemstad, snorkling, trowing a balll and playing beach tennis, I have been reading… A lot hehe =]

If you check my start and finish dates on my What about that bookchallenge? page you may notice that it’s not completly chronological. So my explanation for that is that I cherish my physical books a bit too much.. So I read The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan on the plane to and from Curacao and in bed. On the beach I used my Kobo and read Dorothy Must Die, There is No Place Like Oz and The Witch Must Burn. Been there for eight days. I could have (and planned to) read more this trip. But I slept a lot, like on one night I fell asleep at 8 p.m. hahahahahaha

Furthermore I have had beautiful nighttime walks at the beach, smoked a Shisha (and coughed a lot, no wonder if you’ve stopped smoking for more than a year lol), eaten delicious food, like foodporn delicious (Freshly caught salmon, freshly grilled meat from the steakmarket, licor 43 crème brulèe and strawberry mojito’s) nomnomnom, damnit I want to go back!! (Hopefully next year, fingers crossed)


So far so good, more reviews on the way. And I’ve got an exciting bookhaul this month =D=D=D




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